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Mu Online on Mobile!

Mu Origin is a spectacular MOBILE MMORPG inspired by his predecessor MU Online. Rebirth to get stronger and protect Lorencia with the new Summoner Class. We hope that you will enjoy this nostalgic game as much as we did. It's like having Mu Online on your pocket.

Chose your Favorite class!

Learn more about the 6 classes in Mu Mobile

MuOrigin.RO Coupon Code

Unlimited Diamonds?

We have a free code you can use every 60 minutes in order to get UNLIMITED UNBOUND diamonds, ZEN and other useful items. So you can experience a true free to play game.

MuOrigin.RO Coupon Code

Origin 1, 2, 3 or X?

We have MULTIPLE SERVERS you can chose from. We know how people strive in the race to be the best. But, how can you be the best if someone plays for an entire year? We want to open a new server every time we think is necessary.

Fast Support on Discord!

Got a question, a bug or you're just feeling lonely? Join our discord channel and we'll be there for you.

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